FIFA 21 | 1 VS 1 | PS4

1 Entry Fee: £2.5 2 Price pool: £4.5

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Game settings

All settings are set as default
Team type Any team
Match Lenght Single Game
Half Lenght 4 Minutes
Legacy Defending Not Allowed
  • The Game Settings can be changed only by the user who joins the room first.
  • You are not obliged to play in a match with settings you didn't agree on.
  • Contact your opponent using a chat to establish match details together.
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Tournament Details

* How does it work?

This video will show you how to join a match and how to add the result after a match.

* Dispute/Proof – How does this work?

This video will show you what to do in case of a dispute and what evidence you need to provide.

* How can I record and share video from my Playstation?

Recording the game is very easy. This video will explain how to do it.

Tournament Rules

How to play a match?

1. Add your opponent's online ID as a friend on PSN or Xbox Live.

2. Start the FIFA game and go to the Online tab, then open the Online Friendlies mode.

3. Start a new season or open an existing season with your opponent.

4. Confirm the match rules and settings.

5. Play the match.

* Non-standard formations cannot be used unless the both parties agree.

* Matches must be played with ‚Online Squads’ only.

  1. When you enter the game, make sure you don’t have problems with the connection. If you think there might be issues, don’t play the game, tell your opponent about the situation and select the result “Cancel Match”. If you decide to play, after 1 minute of gameplay, complaints regarding the delays or settings before the match, etc. will be not taken into consideration.
  2. There are no draws in Skillmatches. If the match ends in a draw after full time, carry on with extra time and penalties. If the game still ends in a draw, it is required to play another match.
  3. When you disconnect, try to reconnect to the game, you and your opponent must complete the rest of match time with the same number of points from the moment when the game was disconnected. For example, if the disconnection occurred in the 30th minute, the new game should be played until the 60th. When the 60th minute is reached, as soon as the ball is no longer in play, the match is over and both players must quit the game. If you continue to play and goals are scored, the goals will count. If you disconnect during the game and don’t want to continue – you will lose the game or will be cancelled depending on the circumstances.
  4. Video evidence is the best proof during a dispute. You can record the game, or you can also show us the screenshot with the final result of the match. In the case of any disconnections, it may not be enough to show us a screenshot from the game. That’s why we encourage you to record the game.
  5. Disturbing or making the game difficult for the opponent is forbidden.
  6. We impose fines on users who cheat or cause a dispute without any reason. We make every effort to ensure that players use our portal accordingly following fair play rules. Disputes are solved by our team of specialists. The fines are as follows:

1st time = £5

2nd time = £20

3rd time = 100% account balance removal + Ban

General Rules

Members of must read and fully understand these rules before participating in any tournaments.

1. We don't allow players to compete with each other in non-standard games with non-standard line-ups and non-standard players. Each change of listings or players into non-standard settings will be treated as a cheat. Cheating during games is strictly prohibited; each person who is caught cheating will be penalized. Using programs that make playing easier is prohibited. Any exchanges between users, trades, and bets are illegal and prohibited on this website.

2. Only the rules agreed on in the match lobby of Skillmatches can be used in games. All other added rules are not enforceable.

3. Accessing or playing games on another player’s account is prohibited. Anyone who gains access to another player's account or allows another player to access theirs will be suspended.

4. Any rules claimed to be broken can be viewed when the game starts, for example, teams, weather, map etc. If you do not agree with a pregame setting or the team being used, do not start the game.

5. Impersonating or attempting to impersonate another player in any way is prohibited.

6. Upon accepting the game rules and paying the entry fee, players have 90 minutes to play a match and enter the result.
* If both players do not enter the result then the entry fee will be automatically returned to players after 90 minutes without any commission.
* The result entered by just one player will be automatically accepted after 90 minutes.
* Entering the result incorrectly will lead to a dispute.
* Deliberately allowing a dispute to be opened without any grounds to do so will be penalized.
* When a match is cancelled, all money will be returned to the account of each player without any commission.

7. After paying the entry fee, a user may withdraw their money by clicking on the “leave” icon, but this can only be done when the entry fee of a competitor has not yet been paid.

8. Guests cannot participate in the matches or see them.

9. Any players reported for abusive language will be dealt with in a disciplinary fashion and potentially banned from the site.

10. Any player caught providing inaccurate information to a competitor to mislead them or to gain a competitive advantage will result in an unfavourable action against them.

11. In the dispute section, each player should present proof in the form of a screenshot from the game or video material. Recording on the console is quite easy; we recommend that each user records a video of the game. All video material must be uploaded on Youtube, Twitter or Facebook. You must share the link in the dispute section. 

12. Any attempt to cheat or mislead the Skill Matches team will result in a financial penalty.

13. If it is your fault that a dispute has been raised, we are allowed to take 10% commission at the time of the return of entry fee depending on the situation.

14. During the dispute, the players have 2 hours to present their evidence. After this time any new evidence might not be accepted by our team.

15. Fines for cheating and groundless causes for disputes are as follows:
1st time = £5
2nd time = £20
3rd time = 100% Account balance Removal + Ban

Skillmatches can decide upon the match result at its discretion and depending on the circumstances.