Is this Gambling?

No, this is not gambling because the games that are being played for cash prizes are games of skill and not games of chance. The outcome of the challenges and tournaments offered on the Site are directly related to the number of members participating, and the skill levels of each member participating. In Skillmatches the element of chance is so insignificant as not to matter. In Skillmatches players cannot bet on themselves. The results and winners of each tournament offered on the Site will be determined by Skillmatches, and such determinations are final. The prizes offered in all tournaments will be disclosed at the beginning of such tournaments. Skillmatches don’t allow players to compete with each other in non-standard games with non-standard line-ups and non-standard players. Any exchanges between users, trades and bets are illegal and prohibited on this website. Service available for adults only.

Gambling Act section 14 (5) explains in detail about the skill test
The element of skill, knowledge or judgment in a competition must prevent:
– a significant proportion of people from taking part or
– a significant proportion of people who do take part from receiving a prize.  “



What is a prize competition

” A genuine prize competition is one where the outcome is determined by the application of skill, judgement or knowledge. Under the Act a genuine prize competition is one run in such a way that the organisers believe that the requirement for skill, knowledge or judgement will either:
► deter a significant proportion of those who wish to enter from doing so, or
► prevent a significant proportion of those who do enter from winning a prize. ”


On this site we will explain why the games we provide are only skill games, not games of chance :



FIFA and PES are simulations of sports competitions. Players are given the opportunity to play matches and tournaments with the participation of licensed national teams and football clubs from around the world. In these games, players can play alone or against other players on each platform. The matches are realistic and are deliberately designed to be similar to the struggles of real athletes. In FIFA and PES, games are considered to be based on skills because in order to play and win, a player must have a number of necessary skills that they need to develop. In these games, an element of a chance is so irrelevant that it does not matter. This has been confirmed by various players with individual type of skills who are competing in different types of tournaments around the world, where players with a higher skill level intend to win more often than a player with a lower amount of skills. Below we present a list of skills necessary to effectively play and win against your opponents. Every player should remember to keep developing their skills to play better and beat other players.

Some of the must-have skills :




2. Madden

Madden NFL, is a video game sports-simulation series build on the high realism scale. Developers came across the challenge to bring incredible realism and the best possible experience.

In Madden players need to have strategic thinking, a good overview of American football is a strong advantage. Various Tactical options of gameplay make the game not only a difficult to master but also an interesting challenge.

To help gain all of the skills needed to play well players are provided with Skill Trainer which is an excellent tutorial not just for figuring out the controls, but also for learning fundamental football concepts. Players have to use the information gathered to see if the play they’ve called is appropriate for the situation, Offensive balance is one of the most important things to practice in football as well as the Pros and cons of every tactic.

List of basic skills:



3. NBA 2K

NBA2K is a powerful simulator allowing players to take part in the virtual struggle of the NBA league. The game is extremely realistic. The pace, the multi-point series, and the quick catching up of losses, the exciting endings of the match, really build the atmosphere and reflect what we see on the real court. In addition, the overwhelming realism and the behaviour of specific players. From year to year changes are introduced – new compositions, animations, interface refresh or balance improvement. NBA allows you to play alone or in the company of other players.
NBA created a new realistic mechanism and skills attributes to provide the most realistic experience. Every player is equipped with various skill set accordingly to the position and physical attributes, this means that gamer needs to know how and when to dribble pass steel, shots, slam dunk, find space with specific player Like their heroes on the court to create effective action or counter-attack, also How to defend and attack against certain types of players, how to make a three-point shot, how to move without a ball effectively.

Skills of players:

Shot creator increases shooting accuracy off the dribble.
Sharpshooter/ stretch big: increases shooting accuracy off the dribble.
Playmaker/point forward: increases handle and passing ability.
Post scorer increases the ability to score in the paint with a big man.
Slasher/athletic finisher: increases your chances of getting to the rim for dunk of flashy layup.

Knowledge from real courts about players and tactics is also very important as developers reflected movements of NBA stars to give the opportunity of the best possible experience, so if gamer got all of this knowledge it gives a strong advantage when competing with other players.


4. Chess

Chess is a strategy game for two players, played on a chequered board on which each playing piece is moved according to precise rules. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture.
In chess players use only pure skills, that’s what makes chess such a beautiful competition. Every time it begins both players start to unfold their plan and keeps on creating strategies and tactics to win.
Chess is not a gambling game, because every player must rely on strategy to guide them in finding the best moves in a given position while playing with each other. It’s a very low chance of luck and before the game even begins players might need some essential knowledge to start playing.

Skills you need in order to play chess :