What is Skillmatches?

Skillmatches is a service made for all players of every skill level. We allow you to play your favourite video games for money.

Who is Eligible to Play?

In order to sign up and maintain an account on the Site, an individual must:
a) be an individual person, over the age of 18, who has submitted their email address via the account sign up form which will be assigned to their use and control; WE ARE PROTECTING MINORS. MINORS ARE PROHIBITED FROM PLAYING GAMES AND ENTERING TOURNAMENTS.
b) be a citizen or resident of a country ("Territory") where skilled gaming is legal
c) be physically located in a Territory in which participation in the Service you select, or the Site, is unrestricted by any applicable laws;

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking here

Does it cost anything to sign up to Skillmatches.com?

No, its absolutely free, you can sing up by clicking here

What is a pay-to-enter tournament

A pay-to-enter tournament is a tournament where an entry fee is charged to join. The entry fee can be paid with a Credit Card or PayPal if the tournament has a cash entry fee.

Is it gambling?

No, this is not gambling because the games played for cash prizes are games of skill and not games of chance. The outcome of the challenges and tournaments offered on the Site are related to the number of members participating, and the skill levels of each member participating. In Skillmatches the element of chance is so insignificant that it does not matter. The results and winners of each tournament offered on the Site will be determined by Skillmatches, and such decisions are final. The prizes offered in all tournaments will be disclosed at the beginning of such tournaments.

What are the differences between a game of chance and game of skill?

Games of skill require a physical or mental ability and a learned capacity to carry out a result. These games commonly include the use of strategy, tactics, physical coordination, strength, technical expertise, or knowledge. Games of chance are games with an outcome strongly influenced by random chance or uncertainty. Games of chance may have some skill, and games of skill may have some chance. In Skillmatches the element of chance is so insignificant that it will have no bearing on any results.

Is this site secure?

Skillmatches is secure place with a SSL Certificate, all credit card transactions are done securely. We take security very seriously and we never store your credit card information. All of our financial transactions are handled by PayPal.


Are there any monthly charges that will go on my credit card?

No, there are no monthly charges.

How much does it cost me to play?

Skillmatches take 10% from each player's entry fee for one-on-one matches. This is included in the entry fee - not in addition to it. i.e. 10£ entry fee = £1 fee from each player, £18 prize pool.

How much money can I pay to enter a one-on-one match?

The minimum challenge amount is £2.50. The maximum challenge amount is £500.00.

How do I withdraw money from my Skillmatches.com account?

All payments are paid via PayPal or to British bank accounts. You can withdraw your money at any time by going to: My Account> Balance> Withdrawal

How do I deposit money?

You can top up your Skillmatches.com account on the cashier page. Available payments systems: Verified PayPal Account, Credit Card and Debit Card.

I tried to make a deposit but the money isn’t in my account although it’s been taken out of my bank account.

This can happen because the information on your account does not match the information linked to the card. For any transaction that does not go through the holding period generally lasts 24-72 hours and when the money is released from the holding period, the funds will be added back to your card balance.


How do I play a match?

- After registration choose which game you want to play and for what prize - Find the right room for you - Enter the room and wait for your opponent or find one using chat. - Add your opponent as a friend on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC using their Gamertag or Username. - Play with your opponent. After the match is completed enter the result and receive your prize

For more information and videos, take a look at the Player's Guide

What video games does Skillmatches.com support?

Skillmatches only supports skill games, not game of chance. Available games : FIFA 20-21, PES 20-21, Madden 20-21, NBA 2K20-21 and Ultra Chess. If you want us to add some games please let us know. We are always open to suggestions.

What consoles does Skillmatches.com support?

We supports the following systems : Playstation, Xbox One and PC.

What are disputes? How do we solve them?

A dispute is only when you and your opponent disagree with the result of a match. In the Dispute section, you must prove that you have won by showing us a photo of the final game result or video materials that you must upload to YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. A team of specialists will decide who won the match based on the evidence that you provided.


How old do I have to be to become a Skillmatches.com member?

You must be 18 or older to be member on this website.

Can I have more than 1 account?

NO! We accept only one account per individual and one billing address.