Can you make money playing games? Find out which games you can play with friends

Can you make money playing games? Find out which games you can play with friends

Playing games is, for most people, fun and enjoyable activity itself. However, if you fall into this group, you will be pleased to hear that nowadays you can make money for gaming. We do not mean being a professional gamer, streamer or any other profession connected with video games. Ever heard of That’s the portal which takes you to the place where you can play games and earn money at the same time. Although this might sound unreal, you can just hop on the website and see for yourself. If you’re a fan of e-sports games, such as Fifa, Madden, NBA 2K or more of a chess-enjoyer, you can play these games either with your friends or with people from all around the world. And there’s more, you can earn money for that! Unbelievable? Yes it is, but that’s 100% true, legal and honest, a website where you can play video games for money. Your dreams just came true.

Online gaming and training platforms

When something includes money, you should go for proven and legit sources. You might find tons of video gaming and training platforms, offering you money for playing, however first up, you should check whether the platform of your choice is safe and not a scam. However, if you don’t want to spend your time searching for such ensurings and just straight up jump on a platform and start playing or training and earning money, is what you are looking for. The platform is safe, legal and really pays you money when you win a match or tournament. But to be clear, this is not gambling, and this is not some illegal, dark web platform waiting for you to lose. A fully proven, trustworthy gaming platform, where you can train yourself, play matches with your friends or gamers from all over the world and, for the most important part, earn real money. Just #playenjoywin!

Games to play with friends

The current weather does not encourage people to go outside. In that case, sitting at home might turn out to be boring, when it’s another day of doing the same things. Want to spice up your at-home time a bit? What about a NBA 2K tournament with your friend, where the one who wins gets money? Sounds like fun, but with the addition of a healthy rivalry and a real prize. Not a fan of NBA 2K? Don’t worry, you can choose games from a wide range available at Whether you prefer team sports games or some logical puzzles, we got you! Play Fifa, Madden, Chess Ultra or PES, choose your opponent and achieve the prize – money. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at these games, offers you the possibility to first take training sessions, before you jump at more serious matches and tournaments. Still not sure about that? Give it a try, you can quit anytime you want. But if you try, we can tell you will not want to stop.